About the Called

What is the COMMON CALLED?

We are a group of students-slash-warriors-of-Christ instilled with the burning desire to share with the world note-worthy things we have learned and realized in our walk with God. We call ourselves, or at least our blogsite, “the COMMON CALLED” because we intend to spread the good news of His Word in the same viral manner as the notorious nose-stuffing infection: the common cold. On another note, it is also our witty way of saying that God can (and He does most of the time) choose ordinary people to fulfill extraordinary things. That is, have the common called.

Who’s in the COMMON HERD? 

Berne Amia IV 

“Loves the smell of new books. Hates snow peas. Is a fictional character.”
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Papa Marino

*founding member*
“A Mechanical Engineering student longing to be a MAN after God’s own heart. Also a water freak too, if you know what I mean.”
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Eureka Bangs

*founding member*
“A woman of God who sees every moment as an “Aha!” moment.”
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*founding member*
“He is not yet done in me. I’m a Work-In-Progress.”
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Mustard Seed

*founding member*
“I am small but I have a big GOD.”
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Miss Takaw

“A Jesus addict who loves to inspire, to speak, to eat, to serve, and to enjoy life. An Iskolar ng Bayan who aspires for excellence and seeks new learning from everyday living. :)”



“Scholar of Nanay’s University”




Share your works with us and you might just get featured on our blog! Tag us on your notes, share your writings on our wall, send us a personal message if you’re quite the shy type… whatever it takes, allow your voice to be heard and be part of the COMMON HERD!


3 responses to “About the Called”

  1. precious jem says :

    .”Editor-in-chief-kunwari” :)) Claim it! =D

  2. precious jem says :

    .Ngayon ko lang na-gets kung bakit The Common Called ^^v. Ang cool! Galing! Talino! =D

  3. istartedhere says :

    longing for new posts!

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