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“Ask For Typhoons” | FEATURED

Today I pray for two things.


I’m praying for a storm to come my way. A storm that does not come in the form of a heavy downpour, but a storm in the form of a challenge: a spiritual storm.

Every Christian gets to enter that season in their lives when everything will start to feel calm and safe and familiar. Right now, I am in that season. And somehow, I don’t feel like staying storm-free for too long.

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FEATURED: Happy Fathers’ Day

It is the morning of June 17, 2012. Fathers’ Day.

I woke up realizing God revealed something to me in a dream. It was a message about my dad and it was a very clear message for me to be able to remember every word.

First, let me share a few things about my dad. His name is Arnel. He is an architect.  A disciplinarian that had a very good sense of humor. My dad and I were never really close. For me, he was like a military officer.

When I was about seven years old, I was already told by my dad about Jesus Christ. I remember him giving me a Bible then. It was made for kids my age considering t had lots of drawings. I also remember the times when I’ve done bad, my dad would always tell me “mag sorry ka kay Jesus!” with an authorative voice, then I will go to our room and confess to Jesus what I have done and say my sorry. Read More…