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When We Wake Up Sick


Maybe you can relate to the morning I just had.

It’s a Friday. Fridays for me usually have the best mornings. But there was something about today that promised to make it a little bit different from the rest. It came in the form of a mild fever coming out of nowhere; Nothing too serious to need assistance from a doctor, but severe enough to keep me from doing my usual Friday routine.

For one, I missed Advanced Math Class. Now don’t get me wrong, I loathe my math courses. Equations full of letters don’t quite excite me, and fractions are sort of my real world kryptonite. But of course, contrary to the lies that most students believe, that doesn’t mean I must not aim for excellence in that certain subject. In fact, I am compelled by my excellent God to do just the opposite.

Second, I am not able to finish writing the song Read More…


Berne Within Me – Chapter 1 Pt. 2

Why do we need religion?

This was the question that I entertained in my mind to keep it from losing to the room’s sleepy atmosphere. Leave your mind idle for three seconds through these hypnotic math lectures and sleep consumes you like shadows shrouding over weak light. It was a rainy Friday and the cold weather wasn’t really helpful in keeping us heavy-eyed students awake.

Why do we need religion?

I have asked myself this far too many times and yet “why do we NOT need a religion?” always seem to be the easier question. Is it because I’m broken? Is it because I’m tired of life’s miserable plot against me? I sighed, not with relief.

“Four more minutes,” I mused, “and our Jigglypuff professor’s performance will be over.”

3.. 2.. 1.. *RIIIIIIING!*

The whole room became alive and bouncy all of a sudden. Read More…

Berne Within Me – Chapter 1 Pt. 1

Berne! Goodevening :D bc k p ba tom? Around 3pm?
RECEIVED: July 8, 2010 6:32 PM

It’s Alvis. Ever since class started last month, he’s been bugging me with the same question every Thursday night. He says he’ll be attending a youth service the following day and that I might want to come.

“It’s going to be fun!” he claims.

Being my friend for more than 10 years, he knew I had always been in for the fun things in life:

He was my sidekick during our midget-super-hero days, my noisy seatmate in elementary, my silent cheatmate in high school, and my partner in crime in college. We kicked-ass together! (Or at least, we used to. He’s been acting really strange lately.) More than anything else, though, I consider him my best buddy. And best buds go places together. Read More…

Berne Within Me – PROLOGUE

My name is Berne Amia IV. I am a fictional character. But as far as my stories go, I am as real as you are.

My whole life was made up, regrettably by a guy who has gone through only 19 years of his. I guess you can say that the birth of me was not as fearful and wonderful as how you came into being… but as genuine as the purposes of your creation are, so are mine.

Just like you, Berne is an imperfect design. I experience bad hair days and I catch colds (In fact, the doctor says that I am 15% more vulnerable to it than the average person). I am a third year engineering student, and ironically, I suck at math. I am a guy and I suffer the same guy problems every male Christian has to face. I fall, sometimes in love, sometimes to sin. To an extent, I can say that I am human. For I share with the world the same limitations, the same vulnerabilities, the same fears, and the same doubts.

Thankfully, though, just like you, I too have a Saviour.

And thankfully, unlike me, He is not just a figment of one’s imagination!

He changes lives as real as His. He showers love, for He himself is love. He gives victory to those humble enough to acknowledge Him. His name is Jesus Christ, and I want to make Him famous.

What you are about to read is our wonderful love story. Somehow, I really wanted you to be part of it.

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