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FEATURED: Happy Fathers’ Day

It is the morning of June 17, 2012. Fathers’ Day.

I woke up realizing God revealed something to me in a dream. It was a message about my dad and it was a very clear message for me to be able to remember every word.

First, let me share a few things about my dad. His name is Arnel. He is an architect.  A disciplinarian that had a very good sense of humor. My dad and I were never really close. For me, he was like a military officer.

When I was about seven years old, I was already told by my dad about Jesus Christ. I remember him giving me a Bible then. It was made for kids my age considering t had lots of drawings. I also remember the times when I’ve done bad, my dad would always tell me “mag sorry ka kay Jesus!” with an authorative voice, then I will go to our room and confess to Jesus what I have done and say my sorry. Read More…


Disciplined by God

When faced with two choices, with one obviously easier than the other, which would you choose?

In our everyday life, we are bombarded with things that forces the mindset of practicality into our heads. The easier way is always the better way, or so they say. When hungry, we opt for instant food. When choosing a means of transportation, we pick the fastest and easiest way to our destination. Well, who wouldn’t? In the fast paced world that we live in today, people would only want instant success, instant comfort and instant blessings. But that is not what God wants for our lives.

What I what to expose in this entry is the reality that sometimes in life we would rather choose the life of comfort even though that path doesn’t line up with what God wants for that certain area of our life. Read More…