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Married at 20

Hello Woman. (or Man, if ever the announcement appealed to you as well, feel free to read.)

Here is a post where things disappear, where things fade, where what was once tangible becomes a memory.

Here is a post for women, hence, we begin to speak to one another between the lines. Read me differently and decipher the heart of this post, so that you may see what I saw, and find what I have found.

I will tell you a secret. I have finally found myself a husband.

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Hello Songwriter!

Every moment I have with my guitar is a Eureka moment. I mean, things just overflow when my favorite G chord pattern is strum. From the silliest nonsense thoughts to the humorous, still nonsense songs, they all manage to show up.

But let me tell you a secret.

Of all the songs I play with my guitar, more than my favorite acoustic earcandy country songs,  or those incredibly repetitive birthday compositions, the songs I value most are those spontaneous ones that I sing to Jesus. Those moments when right after reading my Bible, I just play and sing out words that are straight from my heart just because I can be honest about them.

Surely, the worship time we have every Thursday and Friday is fun. The great band, the flickering lights, the smoke machine, and the multitude of people singing out to God — these are all amazing. But just like any other relationship, more than bonding together with friends, we must cultivate our one-on-one relationship with Jesus as well..and that includes our individual worship time with Him.

But what’s the difference? There are lots actually. But my favorite is this: In my individual worship time, I can sing whatever I want 🙂 I can sing songs that do not even exist just because I got all the right words that I have for Jesus for that moment.

On why I do this, I came up with 3 practical answers:

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Parang si David

Lahat ng tao sinasabi nung una nila kong nakita, masungit daw ako.

Masungit naman talaga ko.

Biro lang. Madalas lang na nasasaktong pag may bagong taong dumadating e mainit ang ulo ko sa mga bagay bagay.

Napaisip tuloy ako, nung una ba akong kinausap ni Lord, sinungitan ko ba siya?

Oo ata?

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The Joseph Attitude


I first encountered the character of Joseph when I was 8.

I was sitting among a pool of children watching Joseph the Dreamer. I can recall myself being amazed by his moustache and how fast it grew during the film. It was only after 11 long years when I met him again, this time, it was such a Eureka moment that I had to write about it.

Most of you who are reading this probably know me personally. Some of you may even know that I am currently in Egypt. Well, not literally.  Just as Joseph was, I was a victim of jealousy, hatred, and pride, but not of my brothers, but of myself. God has placed me here, in Egypt, where I am far from the comforts of a home, away from the affection of siblings, away from my heart’s desire.

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