Rekindle the Story Telling Culture

Hey! It has been more that a year since we last posted in this blog. Many things have happened and there are quite some other noteworthy things that didn’t happen.

Well, I guess, that is just how life is ought to be.  As it is said, we may have a bunch of plans, but still, it is the Lord’s plans that prevail.


As I back read our posts, I believe that we are not those people that wrote those stories/ideas anymore. In a span of a year, God has been so faithful to us to not let us be just those people.

God has molded each of us uniquely according to His purpose. Some of us are already in the industry; pushing our earnest, relying on the foundations that we were able to establish when we were still students, and holding on to His grace everyday in order to make a difference, and to establish that living a pure and holy life in the middle of the chaos (that is workplace) possible. Some are in the full-time minstry, using their all in order to actively advance God’s kingdom in the campuses. Some are in the campuses, fighting on the frontline, pursuing excellence in their studies while actively fighting for campus saturation of God’s word.

What I am trying to say is, I have been encouraged by those people who wrote those stories a year or two ago. But I know all of you. And I highly believe that the ‘we’ that we are now, is far more encouraging and uplifting than the ‘we’ that we were before.

Please share your stories again. We can never know who will get to read these lines again and just like me, relate with every story while blowing off my nose and wiping my tears and saying, “HAHA. Yeah. God is indeed faithful.”


About LJ Parpan

I am small but I have a big GOD.

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