Just Like Fireworks

March 19, 2012

The Baccalaureate Mass Celebration ended with the spectacle of a pyromusical. At first, it was just simple shots of light enough to get the attention of people. Then, as the beat of the music changed, some bright lights rocketed upwards, towering up in the sky, accompanied by fan-like patterns down below and splendid spider effects up above. And then, it ended with a simultaneous spider effects enough to lighten up the night sky for a moment, and enough to get that awestruck response from the viewers. It all happened for a few minutes – it was short, yet memorable.

Now, that pyromusical is a great analogy to the four or five years that you have stayed and studied in college.

Let me tell you why.

As you may have passed through the Arch of the Centuries (going out) after the pysomusical, you may have remembered your Freshman Walk in your first year in the university (that time, you were going in). You were but simple students (some of you may have hailed from the provinces, and for some, this may be the first time to be away from their families) – simple enough to get the attention of the people around you.

Then, as the rhythm of life changed – with all the things that has happened in college, you learned how to cope, you learned how to sway with the music, you learned how to deal with the circumstances you face, you learned how to join in the beat of  life. You were not as well excused from life’s ups and downs. You also have your fair share of them.

And now that you are graduating, you are just like the finale – bright lights that brings awe in the eyes of those who can see.

And yes, my friends, the fireworks. Just like the fireworks, your stay in UST may have been quite short but the impact you made will surely be remembered.




But wait.

There’s more.

God has prepared something more.

Are you ready for it?



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