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Married at 20

Hello Woman. (or Man, if ever the announcement appealed to you as well, feel free to read.)

Here is a post where things disappear, where things fade, where what was once tangible becomes a memory.

Here is a post for women, hence, we begin to speak to one another between the lines. Read me differently and decipher the heart of this post, so that you may see what I saw, and find what I have found.

I will tell you a secret. I have finally found myself a husband.

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His Name: Glorified and Will Glorify It Again

A lot of things happened recently, and I wasn’t able to write anything here. But now, notyetdonefor is back!

And for my return, I would like to share to you my personal experiences for the 1st semester of S.Y. 2012-2013. Even though this is a long text, I hope that you would enjoy reading this. Here it goes…

First off, I’m a student of UST AMV College of Accountancy, my last year at that (the last 4-year course batch, because the curriculum was changed to 5 years), as well as a Working Scholar of the university. This semester started off quite well, having attended the Leader’s Camp at Caliraya before the actual start of classes. Because of what I’ve learned and experienced at the camp, I’ve got a good view of how my college life, even the whole lot of it, was a battle, and that, I have to be strong and courageous in facing it. That time, I didn’t quite expect that what I learned from the camp would actually apply to me right away.

The first half of the semester was great – a good roster of professors, good learning materials, good scores at exams – except for one, and that is Advanced Accounting 1. By “advanced”, it means that it is far more challenging than any accounting subjects that I have taken so far. Well, I’ve got a good professor in that subject. Her way of teaching is also remarkable – the way she taught us was, I can say, mother-like. But even so, I never passed an examination during the preliminary period, both minor test and the major exam. I informed my dad and my Lola about it, told them that there is a possibility of failing the subject.

I also told it to Kuya Rodnel, Kuya Paul, Mike, JAL Family, as well as some of my friends that I’m accountable to. They encouraged me to stay on it and still do my best. What struck me most was my conversation with Kuya Rodnel. I told kuya that I’m struggling then with my subject, and that with the consequences of failing, I might lose my scholarship, I might even be sent back to the province to study there because my family cannot afford to let me continue my studies in UST. Then he replied to me the best response ever, he said,

“Kapag bumagsak ka dyan sa subject mo, ganun agad? ‘Di ba pwedeng iba muna? Na magprovide si God so that mapagpatuloy mo yung studies mo sa UST?”

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