Hello Songwriter!

Every moment I have with my guitar is a Eureka moment. I mean, things just overflow when my favorite G chord pattern is strum. From the silliest nonsense thoughts to the humorous, still nonsense songs, they all manage to show up.

But let me tell you a secret.

Of all the songs I play with my guitar, more than my favorite acoustic earcandy country songs,  or those incredibly repetitive birthday compositions, the songs I value most are those spontaneous ones that I sing to Jesus. Those moments when right after reading my Bible, I just play and sing out words that are straight from my heart just because I can be honest about them.

Surely, the worship time we have every Thursday and Friday is fun. The great band, the flickering lights, the smoke machine, and the multitude of people singing out to God — these are all amazing. But just like any other relationship, more than bonding together with friends, we must cultivate our one-on-one relationship with Jesus as well..and that includes our individual worship time with Him.

But what’s the difference? There are lots actually. But my favorite is this: In my individual worship time, I can sing whatever I want 🙂 I can sing songs that do not even exist just because I got all the right words that I have for Jesus for that moment.

On why I do this, I came up with 3 practical answers:

1. There is no saktong song.

Yes I do love the songs by Hillsong, Citipointe, etc.. but there is just no perfect song that encompasses everything that I want to say to God for that specific moment.

Wala namang kanta na nagsasabing..

“Lord, thank You I had great food today” , or “Lord, bagsak ako kanina pero I love you pa ren“,  or ” Jesus, You are my only crush”..

As I wrote it on “Parang Si David”, with God, honesty is the best policy. We gotta sing what we really feel. 🙂

2. Jesus deserves new songs.

Reading through Psalms, I came across a lot of “sing to him a new song”.  He is the God who has given us the talent (or if you are not convinced with your singing voice then let’s not forget our talents to construct sentences and phrases with love haha) therefore, we should sing to Him new songs.

I remember Israel Houghton in one of his preachings he said that his daughter kept on saying “Daddy, you’re really a good dad.” or “Daddy, you’re really handsome”. It kept his wallet empty. (Haha) But then, it was through this illustration that He learned how God actually  feels when we worship Him with our own sweet words.

3. It’s better if it’s personalized

The best thing about living alone is having limitless uninterrupted date time with God. When I do mine, I do it with a guitar. Or keyboards. Or a pen. We are all different from one another, so are our ways of worshipping. Some do it in the shower, some do it with tears. Some do it while kneeling, some do it with dancing.

Whatever style and However it is done, as long as it is who you are, then let it be. The point behind all these, after all, is not you or me. It is all about Jesus whose love is so amazing that we have nothing left to do but worship.

If you have been enjoying your individual worship time with God for a while now, just continue. Try out words you’ve never sang before! If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to do so. Just you, Jesus, and your voice. It will be amazing!



2 responses to “Hello Songwriter!”

  1. Mustard Seed says :

    Jesus, You are my only crush. :”>

  2. Dyan says :

    This is awesome 🙂

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