When We Wake Up Sick

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Maybe you can relate to the morning I just had.

It’s a Friday. Fridays for me usually have the best mornings. But there was something about today that promised to make it a little bit different from the rest. It came in the form of a mild fever coming out of nowhere; Nothing too serious to need assistance from a doctor, but severe enough to keep me from doing my usual Friday routine.

For one, I missed Advanced Math Class. Now don’t get me wrong, I loathe my math courses. Equations full of letters don’t quite excite me, and fractions are sort of my real world kryptonite. But of course, contrary to the lies that most students believe, that doesn’t mean I must not aim for excellence in that certain subject. In fact, I am compelled by my excellent God to do just the opposite.

Second, I am not able to finish writing the song I am composing on schedule. I can barely play a single chord pattern without having to stop because of wooziness. And we all know how frustrating it feels not being able to do that single thing we love to do most. Pathetic. Desperate for ability and opportunity.

And third, I was not able to attend the regular Friday youth services; which basically meant that I missed the chances of: spending time with churchmates, inviting classmates to church, making new friends, encouraging others, and singing songs of worship & praise in a hall filled with hundreds of fervent souls as hungry for God as I.

All of it got me thinking. Is the enemy really that desperate?

If I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t have thought that this was all part of his wicked scheme to keep me from doing the things that would glorify God. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that this was all a random incident which happens to be a part of growing up. Well, somehow it is. But it’s not accidental – in fact, I’m pretty sure it hits dead center.

When was the last time you got sick and missed an event? When was the last time a heavy downpour prevented you from attending a prayer meeting? When was the last time you needed to encourage a friend but felt too busy with other stuff? When was the last time you put down your bible because you thought you had more fun activities to do? The enemy is undeniably on the assault, and most of the time we fail to see through his sly tricks. So instead of ending the day victorious, we succumb.

Today I woke up sick. And I was almost losing my day to the enemy. But I held on with faith in my Great Healer. And now I am able to share this to you and use the enemy’s own ploy against him.

I hope you didn’t just read through all of this. I hope you take this Friday into account. So the next time the devil intimidates you with his stunts & lies, you’ll remember: to still aim for excellence, to still pursue your God-given passion, and to continue helping yourself and others grow closer to the Lord.


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  1. Dyan says :

    Galing tlga..

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