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Quote by Robert Mabry Doss

For all who see God, may God go with you. For all who embrace life, may life return your affection. For all who seek a right path, may a way be found… And the courage to take it, step by step. ~Robert Mabry Doss


Berne Within Me – Chapter 1 Pt. 2

Why do we need religion?

This was the question that I entertained in my mind to keep it from losing to the room’s sleepy atmosphere. Leave your mind idle for three seconds through these hypnotic math lectures and sleep consumes you like shadows shrouding over weak light. It was a rainy Friday and the cold weather wasn’t really helpful in keeping us heavy-eyed students awake.

Why do we need religion?

I have asked myself this far too many times and yet “why do we NOT need a religion?” always seem to be the easier question. Is it because I’m broken? Is it because I’m tired of life’s miserable plot against me? I sighed, not with relief.

“Four more minutes,” I mused, “and our Jigglypuff professor’s performance will be over.”

3.. 2.. 1.. *RIIIIIIING!*

The whole room became alive and bouncy all of a sudden. Read More…

Qualified??? Nah, just CALLED…

“Ayoko ata magkaron ng VG , pati yung mag-121”, I suddenly have spoken the thoughts on my mind. I, along with my classmates, just attended the 5pm service at Victory U-Belt and were heading towards UST.

“Bakit naman?”, asked Tine (one of my classmates back then), as we are entering the gate closest to the Beato Angelico Building.

“E, parang ang hirap e. Kelangan mong magsalita sa harap ng ibang tao, magshare sa kanila, ganun. Basta ayoko…”, I responded as we joined with our other classmates and friends to celebrate our first-ever Paskuhan in UST. The festive and concert-like ambience  ended our short conversation. And unlike the fireworks that quickly faded away in the night sky, those thoughts kept lingering on my mind.

That was in late 2009 (I was still a first year college student).

Today is mid-2012 (I’m now in my fourth year, and I’ll soon be graduating). Read More…

Too Busy to Follow

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I am always busy. I am busy with my academic activities (i.e. thesis, quizzes, projects). I am busy with my friends. I am busy with my ministry. I am busy with MY life. The world and circumstances are moving so fast that I NEED to keep up.

With all the things that are happening, I felt like being busy is a reasonable and acceptable alibi. But I noticed that every time I use this as a reason, it is on the act of rejecting another activity that seems ‘less important’.

For instance, a friend asks for my time, kwentuhan lang. But I have a quiz the next day. I would probably say, “Next time na lang. Busy eh.”

But as I think about it, I also use it towards God. I am too busy to pray. Too busy to read His word. Read More…

Bigyan ng Jacket!

Do you wan’t to earn yourself a free jacket?

Then stick close to my friends, Gino and Mike of Lifebox UST. Do something significant  or anything that will grab their attention, and maybe you’ll get them to shout: “Bigyan ng Jacket!” (Give him/her a jacket!)

This phrase had become an ice-breaking expression for us lately. And for those who get to watch too much television, you’d know that we got this from a popular game show hosted by Willie Revillame. In this particular program, participants usually come with their loved ones and are asked to say a message of appreciation, encouragement or gratitude to one another. More often than not, tears will be shed and hearts will be moved during this exchange of words. And when those moments come, the popular phrase is pronounced: “Bigyan ng Jacket!” Read More…

FEATURED: Happy Fathers’ Day

It is the morning of June 17, 2012. Fathers’ Day.

I woke up realizing God revealed something to me in a dream. It was a message about my dad and it was a very clear message for me to be able to remember every word.

First, let me share a few things about my dad. His name is Arnel. He is an architect.  A disciplinarian that had a very good sense of humor. My dad and I were never really close. For me, he was like a military officer.

When I was about seven years old, I was already told by my dad about Jesus Christ. I remember him giving me a Bible then. It was made for kids my age considering t had lots of drawings. I also remember the times when I’ve done bad, my dad would always tell me “mag sorry ka kay Jesus!” with an authorative voice, then I will go to our room and confess to Jesus what I have done and say my sorry. Read More…

What Makes You Beautiful


You look wonderful tonight.” “Oh, you’re so pretty!”

These are some of the words that most women love to hear, right? It is innate in us! We want to be affirmed, we want to be assured every now and then that we are beautiful. But what makes a woman truly attractive?

Is it the outside appearance that matters? That 36″-24″-36″ ideal figure that almost every woman wants? That fair, white, flawless skin that we usually see in every skin soap and lotion commercials? Are these really the true basis of being beautiful? And what if we’re not like that? What if we don’t have that curves in our body. What if we have scars on our legs. Are we considered ugly?

We have heard the answers to these questions many times. Far too many in fact, that we tend to forget them completely. This world teaches us not to be contended with what we have, it keeps us being more eager to change what we truly are. This world has given beauty a different meaning. But let us take a look on what the bible has to say.

Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades. The woman to be admired and praised is the woman who lives in the fear-of-God. (Proverbs 31:30 MSG)

Read More…

Berne Within Me – Chapter 1 Pt. 1

Berne! Goodevening :D bc k p ba tom? Around 3pm?
RECEIVED: July 8, 2010 6:32 PM

It’s Alvis. Ever since class started last month, he’s been bugging me with the same question every Thursday night. He says he’ll be attending a youth service the following day and that I might want to come.

“It’s going to be fun!” he claims.

Being my friend for more than 10 years, he knew I had always been in for the fun things in life:

He was my sidekick during our midget-super-hero days, my noisy seatmate in elementary, my silent cheatmate in high school, and my partner in crime in college. We kicked-ass together! (Or at least, we used to. He’s been acting really strange lately.) More than anything else, though, I consider him my best buddy. And best buds go places together. Read More…

BLIND Man Walking

I was crossing España Boulevard one day, when a peculiar scene caught my eye’s attention. In the middle of the road were two ladies, probably in their mid-50’s or 60’s, trying to make it across to the other side along with a group of people from different walks of life.

Chances are, you will say that this is just an ordinary scene. But here’s what was peculiar about it: one of them was BLIND, holding a cane in one hand, and grasping the other lady’s hand on another, as the two of them cross one of the busiest roads in the Metro. Immediately after seeing them, a thought came into my mind.

It’s good that the one leading the old blind woman was someone who can see. If not, then I wouldn’t have had the chance to bear witness that peculiar scene (because they might not have been there in the first place) and I wouldn’t have been reminded of one thing: Read More…

Parang si David

Lahat ng tao sinasabi nung una nila kong nakita, masungit daw ako.

Masungit naman talaga ko.

Biro lang. Madalas lang na nasasaktong pag may bagong taong dumadating e mainit ang ulo ko sa mga bagay bagay.

Napaisip tuloy ako, nung una ba akong kinausap ni Lord, sinungitan ko ba siya?

Oo ata?

Read More…